Stopping the Pain: Is Cbd or Thc Better?

Stopping the Pain: Is Cbd or Thc Better?

The world of medical cannabis can be intimidating for many. While legal restraints are loosening, the world of medical cannabis still requires users to do an incredible amount of research into what will work best for their condition and what will relieve their pain. When it comes to pain relief, here is the difference between THC and CBD.


Which is the painkiller?

Both CBD and THC have pain fighting compounds and properties, but they both work best when consumed together. While many patients veer away from THC due to its psychoactive properties and reputation as a recreational drug, it is best to consume both tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) together. This is because both compounds relieve different types of pain.



THC has a long history of relieving pain and increasing appetite for those suffering from illnesses such as cancer. THC can provide powerful pain relief and is often enough for those only looking to quell pain and get better sleep. That being said, THC does have psychoactive compounds and can cause you to “get high”.



CBD is not psychoactive in the same manner as THC, though it does still have an effect on the brain. CBD is often used for its calming, uplifting effects that can be very helpful for those suffering from anxiety. CBD’s pain relief comes in the form of relief of spasticity or cramping.


A whole plant solution

Studies have shown that, while both CBD and THC have pain-relieving effects, the most successful pain management may come from strains with high levels of both compounds. This is due to the fact that the multiple phytochemicals in cannabis actually work synergistically to produce the most beneficial effects. This could also be why full-plant extracts see much more success than isolates.


Theories suggest that choosing a full-plant strain will also allow the compounds to engage with terpenes, aroma molecules found in the plant’s resin. Combined, these three compounds interact to create a strain is highly beneficial for those seeking pain relief.