The Rare Yellow Kratom

The Rare Yellow Kratom

Even experienced users of kratom can be surprised when they learn of yellow vein kratom. This is because yellow kratom is an unusual name for kratom since we are so used to seeing the usual varieties of red, green or white. In fact, some kratom users don’t even know if there really is a yellow kratom.


Yellow kratom is one of the rarest strains available, and because of this, it can be quite hard to find. You are not likely to see it being sold online and only a few vendors will have access to it.


So what makes yellow kratom so rare?


Usually, kratom only grows in three leaf vein varieties: green, red and white. If you were to look for yellow vein kratom, you would not find it growing on a tree. This is because yellow vein kratom is produced through an artificial process.  To produce yellow vein kratom, young white and green vein leaves are picked from Sumatran kratom trees. Some producers opt to only use white, while others will mix the colors if they are running lean on white kratom.


The leaves are then cleaned and placed through a process called “photo-oxidation”.  During this process, the leaves will be dried in a carefully controlled and surveyed process using light. It takes up to 20 days for the leaves to be completely oxidized, after which the leaves will change from white (or green) to yellow. If green vein kratom is used in a similar proportion to white, the vein will be a brighter yellow. If more white vein kratom was used (which is rarer), then the kratom will be considered gold kratom.

Photo-oxidation produces a very potent form of kratom that is energizing and produces strong feelings of euphoria. Yellow vein kratom improves people’s moods, is moderately stimulating and reduces stress. It is a great kratom to use for an energy boost and gives users a sense of overall wellbeing.